Antithesis Common takes a web break until Autumn 2007
4 January 2007
After much deliberation, we have decided to take a quarter-long hiatus from online publishing, effective immediately. This was not an easy decision to make, and it has both positive and negative implications.

During our time off we will begin working in earnest on our debut print anthology, featuring the best works from the first 18 months of Antithesis Common's publishing life. So, while we will not be publishing any new online content this spring, we will be hard at work creating a beautifully-tangible book for all to enjoy.

As for the web magazine, we will begin accepting submissions again on April 15th, 2007, with the Autumn 2007 issue due to be published on September 15th. In the meantime, all submissions that are currently in review will be returned to their authors. Although we considered keeping them on file for the next submissions cycle, eventually we decided it wouldn't be fair to hold works in limbo for that long. (Yes, lots of other magazines do it, but we're not other magazines.)

We will still be reachable via email during the hiatus, but the submission form will be disabled so as to discourage any works from trickling in unawares.

Above all else, we want to stress that this hiatus is temporary. We are taking a break to pursue better things for Antithesis Common, but that is in no way meant to upset or offend any of our longtime readers or contributors. If anyone has any questions about the hiatus, the forthcoming book, or anything else, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

We appreciate your understanding and hope everyone is as excited about the book as we are!


Antithesis Common Issue VI (Winter 2006/07) now available
18 December 2006
Antithesis Common's Winter 2006/07 edition is now available online! Featuring 12 stories and essays, 16 poems, and collections of works from six different artists, the latest issue has something for everyone. Click here to read it now.

Topics in this issue include dancing, truancy, speech, cars, India, the Internet, injuries, death, memories, flowers, small towns, birth, music, MySpace, vacations, love, Polaroids, vegetarians, lynchings, dentists, heat, English football, oceans, moving out, cats, pudding, writing, family, birds, the moon, waves, war and much more!

Small revisions made to Antithesis Common's submission guidelines
15 November 2006
Antithesis Common has always been run with a "writer friendly" attitude (after all, we are writers too). We are not only one of the few literary magazines in the world that offers editorial feedback on all submissions, but we also accept reprints and simultaneous submissions, not to mention that the genres and styles we publish are limited only by the imaginations of our contributors.

It should come as no surprise that people occasionally try to take advantage of our open policy, so a few changes have been made to the submission guidelines following the Winter 2006 cycle. Although in our experience the contributors who don't read the guidelines are the biggest offenders of these unstated rules, we still feel it is pertinent to clarify the following:

  • Submissions should be publishing-ready - Please only send works that are complete, error-free and that you want to have published. If you have a work in progress or simply want feedback, we can recommend several online writing communities for this purpose.

  • Contributors may be given the option to revise their works, at our discretion.

As obvious as the first item sounds, you would be surprised how many submissions we've received in our 18-month history that fell into this category. I think my favorite was the poet who (once we had read and reviewed her work, natch) disclosed to us that she only wanted feedback, and her poem was "too private" to publish (but not too private to share with an unknown group of editors). Instances like these are funny and make us smile in retrospect, but in the heat of the moment they take away valuable time from the contributors who actually want to see their work published in Antithesis Common.

The second point has come about because we give the majority of our contributors the opportunity to revise their works, a process unfamiliar to many given the impersonal nature of the publishing world. As such, we felt it was important to clarify this potential for revision, though it by no means cancels out the first point about sending complete, error-free works. Also, due to the amount of works we receive, sometimes we do not think revisions would suitably improve a work. In this case, we do not offer the option to revise and do not wish to see additional revisions.

These are both clarifications on unstated, common sense points that will hopefully improve the submission process for all involved!


Antithesis Common: Best of 2005/06 print anthology to be published this winter
16 September 2006
This winter, Antithesis Common will be releasing a print anthology featuring the best works we've published in our online magazine so far. Tentatively titled Antithesis Common: Best of 2005/06, the book will be published at the end of the year, and will be available for sale worldwide.

More details about the anthology will be announced soon, so please stay tuned to the "News" section of our website.


Antithesis Common Issue V (Autumn 2006) now available
15 September 2006
The Autumn 2006 issue of Antithesis Common is now online! Featuring 13 stories and essays, 14 poems, and collections of work from seven different artists, this issue is the end product of our strongest submissions quarter yet. Click here to read it now.

Topics in the latest issue include the elderly, burns, teaching, doctors, mountains, Spanish, transgender people, road trips, animals, colors, theatre, lakes, Texas, tree houses, laundry, obituaries, board games, students, fetuses, magic, love, child abuse, squirrels, death, bread, homelessness, shopping malls, ghosts, housewives, Greek mythology, flowers, writing, summer, sin, and much more.


Changes and clarifications to submission guidelines
17 August 2006
We have finally caved in and revised our old submission guidelines. Nothing much has changed, but the page has hopefully been made a lot clearer with a new "Jump To" box and several new sections added.

We have made minor changes to the following policies:

  • Multiple poetry submissions - We will now accept between 1-5 poems, a change from our former "unlimited" status (for what it's worth, nobody has sent more than five poems this quarter).

  • Simultaneous submissions - We still openly accept them, but our policy towards those who are caught abusing our hospitality (by failing to inform us if work is considered or accepted elsewhere) has been modified.

  • Reprints, Terms & Conditions, Compensation and several other guidelines have not changed but are now more prominently displayed on the page.


Niki MacFarlane joins editorial staff
19 July 2006
We are pleased to announce the addition of a new member to our editorial staff. Niki MacFarlane will be working alongside Dawn Walls Thumma as the crux of our prose team (though she may review other forms of writing as well). Her sharp editorial skills are a welcome addition, and her presence will also ease the editorial burden on some of our other staff members.


New submission form for written works
17 July 2006
After a lot of testing both on and off-line, we're unveiling the beta version of our new submission form. This one is for writers only (sorry artists), but will hopefully speed up and streamline the review process significantly.

The form fixes two major problems with the email system. Under the old system, contributors had the option to copy their works into the body of an email message. While this seemed easy enough, we often received emails where the formatting and punctuation had been stripped out of the submission en route. This was due in part to the way different email programs read and encoded characters like "curly quotes".

If contributors chose not to copy their submission directly, they could also send it as an attachment. While this preserved the formatting, it also posed a risk of transmitting viruses. We took steps to scan each attachment before downloading it, but receiving attachments from unknown senders is always a security risk.

The new submission form addresses both problems. Using a plug-in called TinyMCE, contributors are able to copy their submissions directly into the form and still preserve the formatting of their original document. There is no downloading required, and it works on most updated browsers, including Firefox and Internet Explorer.

The new form also collects information that is sometimes left out of email submissions, such as "reprint" or "simultaneous submission" status.

The form is now live and fully functional. Contributors can still optionally send their works to us via the old-fashioned email method while we gather feedback on the new system, but we would like to see all written works come to us via the new form if possible.

Email is still the preferred method for art submissions.

If the form doesn't work properly or you encounter a problem, please let us know! We hope that the new submission system will be mutually beneficial for contributors and the editorial staff; if it's not, we hope to improve it even further with your help.


Looking for a few good poets
11th July 2006
Antithesis Common has always been an unrestricted, multi-genre magazine, but you wouldn't know it by looking at the first six weeks of our submissions cycle. In short, we are severely lacking in poetry submissions. So, while we continue to welcome submissions of all types, let it be known that poems of all genres are in very short supply this quarter. If you are a poet (or any writer) who has been considering submitting to the magazine, please do so!

It's also worth noting that creative non-fiction writers have always been scarce, and we would love to see more of them. Well written commentaries or essays, particularly on controversial and/or unconventional topics, are highly encouraged.

(We still love fiction--really, we do--so please keep those submissions coming too.)


Magazine-related announcements find new home
10th July 2006
We're officially unveiling our "News" section today (catchy title, isn't it?). Designed to keep our readers updated on all things related to the magazine, we'll make the usual announcements here, not to mention a few commentarial quips. Also, as Antithesis Common continues to grow, we'll begin adding features to the magazine and the site, so stay tuned!


Antithesis Common Issue IV (Summer 2006) now available
17th June 2006
The Summer 2006 issue of Antithesis Common is now online! Featuring 12 stories and essays, 13 poems, and collections of works from eight different artists, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Click here to read it now.

This issue covers an array of topics including fantasy, copying machines, crops, faeries, God, bananas, guitars, scrapbooking, children, race relations, poets, women, sleep, flying, the Internet, black cats, New Year's Day, death, nature, fortune cookies, mobile phones, flowers, cartoons, dogs, Jesus, lipstick, prison, old women, playgrounds, and much more!

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