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'57 Chevy
By Gary Moshimer
A Visit to India From America...
_ By Shubha Venugopal
Calista Flockhart and the MySpace Hoax
_ By Michael Frissore
Recollections and Revelations
_ By Elizabeth Harbaugh
Springtime Visits
_ By Phyllis Link
Stupendous Stew
_ By Malerie Yolen-Cohen
The Genius
_ By Ray Templeton
The Stranger Below
_ By Sam Vargo
_ By Louise Norlie
_ By Dan Devine
Vegetarian Rage
_ By John A. Ward
What Might Pass Between Them
_ By Alexandra Leake

A Glutton For Truth
_ By Richard Fein
A Question of Proper Form
_ By Richard Fein
Boiler Man
_ By Leland Jamieson
_ By Davide Trame
Lioness In Miniature
_ By Grace M. Murray
_ By Pete Lee
Real Life Elocution
_ By Richard Fein
Rewriting An Ending
_ By Rumit Pancholi
_ By Tim Shell
Seven Ways of Looking at a Full Moon
_ By Naiya Wright
_ By Jeanne Hugoe-Matthews
_ By Kristine Ong Muslim
_ By Patrick Frank
The Empty Spaces After You
_ By Rumit Pancholi
_ By Ed Higgins
Uncle Zebulon
_ By J.R. Salling

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The Empty Spaces After You
By Rumit Pancholi

I called you my conductor: the lines you
drew in the air formed letters,

in [each] turn, becoming words that spelled out quietly and weakly
like your fingers that always tickled me until I begged them not to.

You can’t do it anymore, I told you,
your body wearing like a key

with broken teeth, still pushing on as if I was not on the phone
that day when the doctor told me, “Two more months.”

And to that you suggested, “Let’s have a yard sale.”
The doctor warned me

to expect this, but as you gathered together boxes, I knew
you only wanted fewer things around when it was time.

You left me behind a clean circle on the ground
where your feathered lamp stood,

four holes in the wall - that space once filled by your torn fresco -
and the cool under your pillow, so they’d all be easier to forget.



RUMIT PANCHOLI earned a BA in English from the University of Maryland in May 2006 and is currently an MFA candidate in Poetry at the University of Notre Dame. His poetry has appeared in Banyan Review and Double Dare Press, among other places. In Rumit's free time, he likes to travel and write book reviews.