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'57 Chevy
By Gary Moshimer
A Visit to India From America...
_ By Shubha Venugopal
Calista Flockhart and the MySpace Hoax
_ By Michael Frissore
Recollections and Revelations
_ By Elizabeth Harbaugh
Springtime Visits
_ By Phyllis Link
Stupendous Stew
_ By Malerie Yolen-Cohen
The Genius
_ By Ray Templeton
The Stranger Below
_ By Sam Vargo
_ By Louise Norlie
_ By Dan Devine
Vegetarian Rage
_ By John A. Ward
What Might Pass Between Them
_ By Alexandra Leake

A Glutton For Truth
_ By Richard Fein
A Question of Proper Form
_ By Richard Fein
Boiler Man
_ By Leland Jamieson
_ By Davide Trame
Lioness In Miniature
_ By Grace M. Murray
_ By Pete Lee
Real Life Elocution
_ By Richard Fein
Rewriting An Ending
_ By Rumit Pancholi
_ By Tim Shell
Seven Ways of Looking at a Full Moon
_ By Naiya Wright
_ By Jeanne Hugoe-Matthews
_ By Kristine Ong Muslim
_ By Patrick Frank
The Empty Spaces After You
_ By Rumit Pancholi
_ By Ed Higgins
Uncle Zebulon
_ By J.R. Salling

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By Tim Shell

Little sparrows tell no one,
care for nothing.
Why should they
when they have the sun,
privets, flat gray dust,
and an afternoon to flit and fidget?
Fledglings love the fall
before the gentle skim of flight -
little stones skipping
along the airís surface,
the thrill of moments
skimming to the edge of earth
two by two on branches,
ruffling new brown feathers
gray down.

They catch the eye
the way buildings and pavement cannot,
and you respond - eyes alight
on the one bathing in the dust,
his open yellow beak exposing
pink arrowhead tongue -
your breath drawn
startled by his winged burst;
mine held by your reaction
as he streaks to waxy leaf interior
suddenly finding a mate.



TIM SHELL is a college professor, a poet and a marathon runner. He believes all three activities are connected; together, they infuse his life with greater meaning, focus and joy. He lives in Southern California.