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A Glutton For Truth
_ By Richard Fein
A Question of Proper Form
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Lioness In Miniature
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Real Life Elocution
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Uncle Zebulon
_ By J.R. Salling

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A Glutton For Truth
By Richard Fein

The proof is in the pudding,
but what exactly does that mean?
80%, 90%, 100% proof, I'd drink to that,
then flop face down into the mushy mess.
And what kind of pudding holds such dispositive evidence,
plum? vanilla? chocolate? bread?
or perhaps tropical tapioca after the cyanide is boiled off?
The old saw is a mangled adage.
The actual sixteenth century proverb is
the proof of the pudding is in the eating.
the proof is in the pudding
is not exactly the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but.
And to eat the pudding is to eat the proof.
In short, you can't have your proof and eat it too.
Besides, a bellyful of truth will bloat your stomach,
and who wants to be near such a gasbag.
What to do with truth and its pudding proof.
You can sniff around it
or observe its quivering nature,
but if you open your big mouth and swallow
then you deny it to others just as hungry for it,
and who also believe they
really want to taste the slimy concoction.
Swallow truth and truth is within you,
and thereafter you must be the mold
and not the pudding that the mold shapes.



RICHARD FEIN was Finalist in The 2004 Center for Book Arts Chapbook Competition. He has been published in many web and print journals, such as Oregon East Southern Humanities Review, Touchstone, Windsor Review, Maverick, Parnassus Literary Review, Small Pond, Kansas Quarterly, Blue Unicorn, Exquisite Corpse, and many others. He also has an interest in digital photography.