Antithesis Common, founded in 2005 by writer Sharon Hadrian, is based on a very simple concept: disseminating great, unknown writing and art to a larger audience.

As one contributor put it, there are thousands of literary magazines and e-zines available, but most of them tend to focus their efforts on one specific area of expertise. Whether it's poetry, regional artists, or genre-specific stories, there's a specialty out there for everyone, but Antithesis Common operates under the notion that great writing transcends categorization.

Antithesis Common seeks to create a diverse collection of thought-provoking stories, poems, commentaries, and art that is sharp and intelligent, yet approachable. "Our goal is to get our audience to read the magazine from cover to cover," says Hadrian, who also serves as the magazine's senior editor. "A skillfully written piece can reach everybody. I want people to see things in this magazine that they've never seen or considered before, and to go away thinking about it and talking about it."

But Antithesis Common is not simply about producing and publishing a quarterly magazine. "We want to foster an environment where writers and artists can develop," Hadrian says. "We don't publish every submission that we receive, but we do give personal feedback to everyone. This is such an important step that a lot of literary magazines neglect, even though it's one that will ultimately help their own cause by creating better writers. Our goal is to publish the best talents that we can find, but we also want to cultivate and help the up-and-coming writers and artists--the future contributors to Antithesis Common."

Whether on the reading or writing end of the spectrum, the editors of Antithesis Common hope that everyone can find a niche with their diverse, unique collections of art and literature.

Sharon Hadrian
Founder/Senior Editor

Kirsty Truro
Art Editor

Dawn Walls Thumma
Associate Editor

Niki MacFarlane
Contributing Editor