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Northern Lights, Southern Soul
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Northern Lights, Southern Soul
By E.F. Kramer

May the Northern lights
kiss me awake
and sunbeams bathe me to sleep.

May I always run
on a rhythm and timetable
uniquely my own.

May I ski sand dunes in summer,
dip skinny in winter,
and do the opposite Down Under.

May the words inappropriate
foolish, selfish, unwise

Be transmuted
when they leave
the lips of my critics.

And become the muse
which honors
my irrepressible soul.



E. F. KRAMER received her bachelor's from Avila College, MBA from Pepperdine University, and currently resides in Southern California with her husband and two children. She has received three honorable mentions for poetry from Southwest Manuscripters in annual poetry contests, first prize in 2006 and third prize in 2005. Her flash fiction, "Crazy," appeared in Apollo's Lyre in July 2006. She has been a featured poet at Summer Studios Arts Academy.