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By Benjamin Buchholz

this opening in my head, hard to define, opening, closing, like breath, heartbeat, the crescent through which I see winter, the drift, the lonesome, icicle, the beasts of wind and starlight,

we have a prayer, may there be forest, light, a soft landing for those who dare too thin branches, may there be spring, berries, slower wolves,

this opening in my head, hard to touch, my forearms are numb, fishlike, I've been laying on them awkwardly, what if I must run?, hold still on the precipice?, the bark is slippery, slick with rain, with ice, do I have the strength, the patience to go unobserved?,

the nest closes, the nest opens, this opening in my head, a soft spot, I am tender for her, in her blood, wrapped, we are earmuffs for each other, as the heartbeat slows its timing improves, synchronized, I wake when her heart speeds, skips, think spring, run, gather, it is here!, to be deluded once again, the winter, the drift, it must have been REM, that acceleration in her, that excitement,

does she wake when my heart throbs oddly, disturbed by my changes like I am roused by hers?, does she wake when I kick, turn, reposition myself?,

like underwater, the noises of the world in dream, the voices of the loggers, the sleigh riders merry, a boy shooting sparrows with a slingshot, music from the road,

she puts her hand on her stomach and laughs, come feel it, little squirrels



BENJAMIN BUCHHOLZ's work has appeared widely and at an increasing rate these last months at places like Tarpaulin Sky (headlining in the current issue), Tryst (past featured poet and Pushcart nominee), Hiss Quarterly (featured and interviewed), Planet Magazine, The Wisconsin Academy Review, GoodFoot, The 2River View and many others.