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Stories & Essays
...gone tomorrow
By jp Rodriguez
Barbie and the Burn Scars
_ By Dion OReilly
Bright Lights
_ By Nicole Exposito
Cricket Theory
_ By Sophia Alev
_ By Kate Delany
Fines Double In Work Zone
_ By Brian Stumbaugh
Guy and Doll
_ By John P. Loonam
_ By Erlynda Jacqui Chan
Lala's Diner
_ By Nicole Exposito
_ By Allison P. Boye
Love Story
_ By Cynthia Burke
Magic Bags and Forgotten Princesses
_ By Ken Goldman
_ By Benjamin Buchholz

Baking Bread and Other Subtleties
_ By Leland Jamieson
Corpus Christi
_ By Taylor Collier
Early Cold
_ By Yvette A. Schnoeker-Shorb
Ekphrasis at the Mall
_ By James Owens
Games In Your Uncle's Den
_ By Robin Stratton
My Spanish Rose
_ By Jose Rivera
Northern Lights, Southern Soul
_ By E.F. Kramer
Posted on Fifth Avenue
_ By J.R. Salling
_ By Naiya Wright
Summer Sojourn
_ By Cheryl Butterweck-Bucher
The Himalayan Sunset
_ By Rohith Sundararaman
Time Decays, Clots
_ By Kristine Ong Muslim
_ By Terrance Schaefer
Where You Rest
_ By Stephanie N. Barnes

Art & Photography
Bissan Alhussein
_ Paintings
E.W. Hung
_ Photography
Papa Osmubal
_ Drawings
Linda Pakkas
_ Drawings
Anastasiya Tarasenko
_ Paintings
Filip Wierzbicki
_ Paintings and Digital Photography
Nancy Xu
_ Paintings and Drawings


Editor's Notes
By Sharon Hadrian

One year ago, Antithesis Common published its debut issue online on free Geocities and AOL web spaces; twelve months later, we have had an immeasurable amount of success and growth at the magazine. In February, a generous donation from one of our supporters allowed us to purchase a year's worth of web hosting, and the magazine officially moved to its new www.antithesiscommon.com domain. Then in July, we welcomed Niki MacFarlane to our editorial team to help with the reviewing and decision-making tasks. Her invaluable assistance with reviews and comments really helped to pull together the Autumn 2006 issue.

While all of these positive changes were happening, we also watched proudly as our visitors and literary contributions grew. A year ago, we were proud to announce that we reviewed 53 pieces of writing, 44 artworks and three poetry collections; since then, submissions have gone up every quarter to nearly double that amount!

It has been a very exciting year of publishing, and with that comes perhaps our proudest feat to date. This winter, Antithesis Common will be releasing an anthology featuring the best works we've published so far. Tentatively titled Antithesis Common: Best of 2005/06, the book will be published at the end of the year, and best of all, it will be in print.

The Internet publishing revolution has come a long way. A scant ten years ago, emailed, simple text e-zines were just starting to emerge, but now web publications are a bona fide part of the publishing world. Still, nothing beats seeing your name in print, or curling up with your favorite book on a cold, rainy day when the only thing on your schedule is to enjoy life.

Reading is without question one of the best escapes from the world or, depending on your tastes, one of the best ways to expand your world and discover new things. Antithesis Common has always tried to provide both for our readers in online form, but we have also always endeavored to move into the printing world. We hope our first anthology will help us to do that while giving our readers a look back at what was a great year of literary works.

More details about the anthology will be announced soon, so please stay tuned to the "News" section of our website.

As I hope will become habit, I'll close with a few emails from our readers, since comments like these (some surprisingly prophetic) are the things that keep us going:


"Just read the article written by D.E. Fredd on the copier machine guy. I thought it was terrific. I loved the technical depth that the character displayed and the kinship he developed with Ruthie. How fitting, quirky and utterly romantic at the same time was the idea of being buried with the Gestetner!

This was my first time at your site but I will definitely come back. You also have the best artwork of any of the zines. So nice to see a collection of international artists.

I will definitely bookmark your site. Thanks for sharing."

--Sophia T.


"I came across your website when I was perusing NewPages, and was impressed by how friendly it is. I very much like Foster Dickson's "On Hearing Li-Young Read His Poetry" as it reflects the disconnect that sometimes occurs between visiting poets and the communities in which they read. The cover art of the summer issue is quite appropriate for completing your first year (Congratulations!); someone once told me that purple is symbolic of changes to come. [How right you are! -Ed.]"

--Yvette S.