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We Pay
By Betina Evancha

"We pay for people to shovel," she says,
but the man paid so well
has red cheeks
and tired hands, and I find that my feet
hesitate to pack down snow
for the specter of convenience.

beneath the flush there is shame in his cheeks;
he is not rich, not white-
he doesn't speak English.

I do not tell her that my education was a gift,
I am ashamed because I walk over just-washed
floors and pursue my education over efforts
which luck snubbed

because that is the way I've been taught.

She tramps down new snow
But conscience swings my steps off
one shoveller's path, and even though our
lives speak different languages,

he smiles.



BETINA EVANCHA is a high school student from Massachusetts. She has been writing poetry since she was eight years old, but she only became serious about it and began to share her work two years ago. Besides expressing herself through free verse, she also enjoys singing, playing sports, and laughing until she can't breathe.