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Sodom and Gomorrah
_ By Jessica Fannin
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Sodom and Gomorrah
By Jessica Fannin

burst the sun with needle holes slipped the balance inside
spilled the guts of a thousand tries
rode disaster's tragedy into town
ripped beauty open after she broke down
breathing too deeply but don't let go
at least not until our minds say
watch all of life's memories falter
may have missed but don't send a kiss
"benevolence, you don't take risks"
so taste the iniquity inhale blood ties
jesus would burn your holy book of lies
"I'm the one that put you in the ground"
in winter
only goddesses
turn around.

for Sappho



JESSICA FANNIN is a young woman currently trapped in small-town suburbia, Kentucky. She is in absolute love with a wonderful man, a Marine currently preparing for a third trip to Iraq. Upon returning, he and Jess will run off to Vegas and take their vows from an Elvis impersonator in a neon chapel. Writing has been her passion for several years, but she also likes to get herself into trouble, endlessly annoy others with useless knowledge and an extensive music collection, and take countless pictures of herself in an attempt to become America's Next Top Model, though she's only 5'5. Jess currently resides with her grandmother, mother, and two sisters, who thankfully tolerant her while she attempts to finish the horrors of the high school senior year.