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Contemporary Cultural Differences...
_ By Ninni Siurua
Eclipsed Yesterdays
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Immortalis Letum
_ By Sophie Davis
Last Call For Salvation
_ By Angela P. Markham
My Fault
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Pacific Northwest
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Q-Q Ca Choo
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The Best Laid Plans
_ By John A. Ward
The Ecstasy of Cooking
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The Girl With the Green Umbrella
_ By J.R. Earlebeck
The Gods of Houston
_ By Rebekah Frumkin

Athena's Owl
_ By Amberly Mason
But I Have Never Known This
_ By Kaleen Love
Clouds On Your Floor
_ By Savannah Bobo
Crowded Lobby
_ By M. Blair Spiva
Ever After
_ By Bennie Johnson
Important Questions
_ By P.T. Bell
_ By Sarah Wassberg
Moon Goddess
_ By Kristina Diane Smith
Oldest Profession
_ By Ashley Polker
On Visiting Hay-on-Wye
_ By M. Blair Spiva
Sodom and Gomorrah
_ By Jessica Fannin
_ By P.T. Bell

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Moon Goddess
By Kristina Diane Smith

Dried leaves played with her mass of dark curls
Like an aphrodisiac.
Her body had been spread over the boiled surface,
Antlers of Deer rested upon her breast.
Young and old,
Make way for the Goddess Artemis.
Protector of children,
Caretaker of animals,
Grant us comfort in our time of needs.
Watch over us on the moon beam -
Keep a fallen star lit for me.
Goddess, Goddess, please watch over me.



KRISTINA DIANE SMITH was born in Tennessee, and now lives in Florida with her parents, sister, and their dogs. She has been writing short stories and novels since her pre-teens. Besides writing, she likes watching movies and hanging out with friends.