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Athena's Owl
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But I Have Never Known This
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Ever After
_ By Bennie Johnson
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Ever After
By Bennie Johnson

Give faith a face.
Believe for once,
The fairy tale.
The ever after happiness,
That begins with
“Once upon a time”

Once upon a time,
On a snowy eve,
He looked into her eyes
And said,
“I’ll believe in you,
If it’s the last thing I do.”

A heart not made of gold.
Shattered and broken,
But mended and stitched,
His heart was pure.
It would sing if it could,
And dance to the song.

His words were as simple,
As a baby’s first laugh.
And the smile he received,
From his baby girl,
Made that father proud
In the depth of his heart.

And ever after isn’t true love,
When hearts break
And become destroyed,
But once upon a time
Begins with someone
Who will be there until ever after.