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Athena's Owl
By Amberly Mason

It came low with the steady
hum upon mechanical wings
that crank on the reel as
they push though the winds
with the click of running

A Neolithic bird like some
Da Vinci device, it rattles
on the wind with eyes like 
shining headlights.

The metallic twang like a
screech carries through the
shaded night as hinges 
gape in a rustic beak.

Nailed talons clasp at
shadows to try and snag
some invisible foe. Slick
metal back dull in the moonlight
unpolished and gone exposed.

Wing tips tarnished as joints
squeak in protest. Eyes set
ahead in stareless sight,
guided by silent commands. 

Withered by time in the face 
of the elements, though not yet
ready to be put out of commission,
still holding its ground even with 
a few screws knocked around.



AMBERLY MASON is from the Bay Area, California. She has had an interest in writing ever since she was a child, although she started getting serious about her poetry in high school. Along with writing, some of Amberly's interests include reading, listening to music, nature, the study of history and mythology, and art (both viewing and creating). Her artistic style tends to be surreal abstract. Amberly is also a big movie buff, and her tastes are very eclectic.