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Editor's Notes
Submission Guidelines

Stories & Essays
A Wedding Toast For Daddy's Little Girl
By Miriam N. Kotzin
_ By Debbi Pless
_ By Rachel Miller
_ By Julie Jordan
Hearts Without Armor
_ By Angela P. Markham
Mental Constipation and Brain Vomit
_ By Winnie Khaw
My Best Subject
_ By Ashley Polker
_ By Samantha Rae
Requiem For An Author
_ By R. Holsen
Sometimes It Pours Only Dogs
_ By Saana Tykkä
The Black Tape
_ By Brad Jashinsky

A Slave To Time
_ By Clyde Windjammer
_ By Kaleen Love
Death By My Lover
_ By Jessica Tempestad
I Am A Pineapple
_ By Rachel Miller
Lament For the Lost Soldier
_ By Melissa Augeri
Laundry Arcade
_ By Ashley Polker
Left Silent To Dream of Wine
_ By Kaleen Love
_ By Henry Grieves
Ode To Microsoft Spell Cheque
_ By Arielle Demchuk
Reminiscent of Society As An Individual
_ By Henry Grieves
Ship's Cook
_ By Heather Inwood
The Phoenix
_ By Kaleen Love
The Raven and the Dove
_ By Melissa Augeri
Train Dreamer
_ By Heather Inwood 

Art & Photography
S. Camargo
_ Photography and Drawings
David C. Clarke
_ Photography
Wiltekirra Samaxionn
_ Photography
Anca Sandu
_ Paintings
Austin Tanney
_ Photography
Ray Tsang
_ Paintings
Mark Warren
_ Photography

Submission Guidelines

Our Autumn 2005 submissions cycle was a huge success, and we received over 80 submissions from 34 different writers and artists from around the globe! As we continue to expand, we hope to build on this success for our Winter 2005 issue and beyond. But we need your help!

If you are a writer or artist (or if you know any writers or artists), please submit your work to Antithesis Common. Everyone will receive personal feedback on their pieces, regardless of whether or not we decide to publish their work(s). If nothing else, this presents a great opportunity to get constructive feedback, as well as publishing experience and exposure!

Antithesis Common is not a genre-specific literary magazine, and our submission system is open to all forms of writing and artwork. Please follow the guidelines within each type of work; if you wish to submit something that is outside the scope of this list, please contact us.

Submissions should be emailed here.

At this time, we do not pay for submissions to the magazine, however, we hope to do so in the future. If your piece is chosen as our feature work, we will publish a full-page biography within the magazine. Please be prepared to provide additional information about yourself, including your interests, other works, etc.

General Guidelines
*Open to all writers and artists of all ages, published and unpublished, from all over the world
*Submissions are accepted on an open, rolling basis.
*Antithesis Common retains one-time publishing and anthology rights for the work.
*Simultaneous submissions are acceptable with prior notification.
*Please provide your full name (as you would like it to appear in the magazine) at the time of submission. Pen names are acceptable, but screen names, User IDs, and first names only are not.

*Antithesis Common embraces diversity, and generally we welcome all subjects, opinions, and ideas. However, hateful or inflammatory submissions will not be published.
*Please keep in mind that we are a magazine for creative writing and art; thus, traditional "articles" about a subject (i.e. fact-based retellings of an event) are not encouraged.

Artwork/Visual Arts
*We accept all types of artwork, including (but not limited to) photography, paintings, mixed media, comics, drawings, and sculpture.
*Please provide us with the largest, clearest copy available.
*Do not watermark your work.
*Acceptable file formats: .jpg, .gif, .bmp, .png, .doc

*We accept all types of prose, including (but not limited to) fiction, commentary, essays, and other works.
*Maximum length: 3,500 words (longer pieces will be accepted based on merit)
*Acceptable file formats: .doc, .rtf, .txt, or copied into the body of an email message

*Maximum length: 2 single-spaced pages (longer pieces will be accepted based on merit)
*Acceptable file formats: .doc, .rtf, .txt, or copied into the body of an email message