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Stories & Essays
A Wedding Toast For Daddy's Little Girl
By Miriam N. Kotzin
_ By Debbi Pless
_ By Rachel Miller
_ By Julie Jordan
Hearts Without Armor
_ By Angela P. Markham
Mental Constipation and Brain Vomit
_ By Winnie Khaw
My Best Subject
_ By Ashley Polker
_ By Samantha Rae
Requiem For An Author
_ By R. Holsen
Sometimes It Pours Only Dogs
_ By Saana Tykkä
The Black Tape
_ By Brad Jashinsky

A Slave To Time
_ By Clyde Windjammer
_ By Kaleen Love
Death By My Lover
_ By Jessica Tempestad
I Am A Pineapple
_ By Rachel Miller
Lament For the Lost Soldier
_ By Melissa Augeri
Laundry Arcade
_ By Ashley Polker
Left Silent To Dream of Wine
_ By Kaleen Love
_ By Henry Grieves
Ode To Microsoft Spell Cheque
_ By Arielle Demchuk
Reminiscent of Society As An Individual
_ By Henry Grieves
Ship's Cook
_ By Heather Inwood
The Phoenix
_ By Kaleen Love
The Raven and the Dove
_ By Melissa Augeri
Train Dreamer
_ By Heather Inwood 

Art & Photography
S. Camargo
_ Photography and Drawings
David C. Clarke
_ Photography
Wiltekirra Samaxionn
_ Photography
Anca Sandu
_ Paintings
Austin Tanney
_ Photography
Ray Tsang
_ Paintings
Mark Warren
_ Photography

Featured Art
By Austin Tanney

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AUSTIN TANNEY was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, in 1975, and he quickly matured into a music-loving, computer-coding science whiz kid. After rebelling at school he somehow ended up with a PhD in Biomedical Science; no one is really sure how this happened, least of all Austin himself. Always passionate about music, books and art, Austin set up a successful underground dance label called Slide Recordings, producing and releasing music along with his label partner Richard Fox under the moniker of "Random Method", and also in partnership with fellow Belfast based musician Phil Kieran. In 2004 Austin retired as label manager and decided to focus instead on visual art, primarily photography. More of his work can be seen on his portfolio site, www.austintanney.com.