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A Wedding Toast For Daddy's Little Girl
By Miriam N. Kotzin
_ By Debbi Pless
_ By Rachel Miller
_ By Julie Jordan
Hearts Without Armor
_ By Angela P. Markham
Mental Constipation and Brain Vomit
_ By Winnie Khaw
My Best Subject
_ By Ashley Polker
_ By Samantha Rae
Requiem For An Author
_ By R. Holsen
Sometimes It Pours Only Dogs
_ By Saana Tykkä
The Black Tape
_ By Brad Jashinsky

A Slave To Time
_ By Clyde Windjammer
_ By Kaleen Love
Death By My Lover
_ By Jessica Tempestad
I Am A Pineapple
_ By Rachel Miller
Lament For the Lost Soldier
_ By Melissa Augeri
Laundry Arcade
_ By Ashley Polker
Left Silent To Dream of Wine
_ By Kaleen Love
_ By Henry Grieves
Ode To Microsoft Spell Cheque
_ By Arielle Demchuk
Reminiscent of Society As An Individual
_ By Henry Grieves
Ship's Cook
_ By Heather Inwood
The Phoenix
_ By Kaleen Love
The Raven and the Dove
_ By Melissa Augeri
Train Dreamer
_ By Heather Inwood 

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By Henry Grieves

Vagueness in vogue
Truth be untold
We went to the manifestation
Of the manifest of what
Life is supposed to be
We vacillated
Upon an atom of
Cataclysmic proportions
For all eternity
Appropriated wisdoms
And fallacies
Clung together
In a paradox
Duped by the
Nonexistent conventions
Of reality
To protest with fervor
And defend vindictively
The incessant exploits
That independently summarized
Our existence
In the persistent
Circle of time
Ensured our fate
And guaranteed
Our mortality



HENRY GRIEVES lives in the USA with a sense of wariness toward the status quo. Inspired by punk music and Communist principles, he enjoys writing poetry that’s vehement and politically and socially conscious. One of Henry's goals in writing is to convey a charged message to the reader. Though not yet known outside of Internet forums, Henry is optimistic concerning his writing, and continues to scribble his general conceptions of society down on paper.