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A Wedding Toast For Daddy's Little Girl
By Miriam N. Kotzin
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Hearts Without Armor
_ By Angela P. Markham
Mental Constipation and Brain Vomit
_ By Winnie Khaw
My Best Subject
_ By Ashley Polker
_ By Samantha Rae
Requiem For An Author
_ By R. Holsen
Sometimes It Pours Only Dogs
_ By Saana Tykkä
The Black Tape
_ By Brad Jashinsky

A Slave To Time
_ By Clyde Windjammer
_ By Kaleen Love
Death By My Lover
_ By Jessica Tempestad
I Am A Pineapple
_ By Rachel Miller
Lament For the Lost Soldier
_ By Melissa Augeri
Laundry Arcade
_ By Ashley Polker
Left Silent To Dream of Wine
_ By Kaleen Love
_ By Henry Grieves
Ode To Microsoft Spell Cheque
_ By Arielle Demchuk
Reminiscent of Society As An Individual
_ By Henry Grieves
Ship's Cook
_ By Heather Inwood
The Phoenix
_ By Kaleen Love
The Raven and the Dove
_ By Melissa Augeri
Train Dreamer
_ By Heather Inwood 

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Left Silent To Dream of Wine
By Kaleen Love

Music thrums in a shuddering throb
and shiver of high note and low pulse,
a mellifluous dream that pitches and pierces
through the rational shell by tricking its tight clutch,
this vicious reserve.
Holding onto dignity as if it was only these dry
tattered robes over naked flesh, pricked by the eyes
who stare and scrape. Cover, close, clothes to wrap
and hide behind, asking that the words return,
that voice unshutters, but words have left to Crusade,
to die, to shatter themselves on the rocks and sands
of a faraway Jerusalem. From there, dreams have quested
and they root in Napoli, by the river, in a stream of
dancing wine, crushed grapes
like the trampled self
who sought a spring
and found only dry land.



KALEEN LOVE is a PhD student in the UK studying gender policies in Indonesia, where she spent her childhood and learned to love spicy food. A competitive amateur boxer and Junior Dean of an Oxford College, she enjoys reading novels, drinking espresso, and laughing with close friends.