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A Wedding Toast For Daddy's Little Girl
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Hearts Without Armor
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Mental Constipation and Brain Vomit
_ By Winnie Khaw
My Best Subject
_ By Ashley Polker
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Requiem For An Author
_ By R. Holsen
Sometimes It Pours Only Dogs
_ By Saana Tykkä
The Black Tape
_ By Brad Jashinsky

A Slave To Time
_ By Clyde Windjammer
_ By Kaleen Love
Death By My Lover
_ By Jessica Tempestad
I Am A Pineapple
_ By Rachel Miller
Lament For the Lost Soldier
_ By Melissa Augeri
Laundry Arcade
_ By Ashley Polker
Left Silent To Dream of Wine
_ By Kaleen Love
_ By Henry Grieves
Ode To Microsoft Spell Cheque
_ By Arielle Demchuk
Reminiscent of Society As An Individual
_ By Henry Grieves
Ship's Cook
_ By Heather Inwood
The Phoenix
_ By Kaleen Love
The Raven and the Dove
_ By Melissa Augeri
Train Dreamer
_ By Heather Inwood 

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By Kaleen Love

She was a colour: Yellow.
Both the hot lemon kiss of citrus sun
and a tulip bulb, a small chick peeping,
the razzle dazzle of morning with a
a tender, glowing fire.

I was so long: Blue. Dark at twilight,
warm-cool aqua on a breezy afternoon, a
tremble in the shimmer of summer glaze
(cerulean, midnight, ocean, sea)
the teal lilac dust of liquid swell.

Somehow – and this is the mystery –
without a glance or a knowing
we overlapped and overlaid to
Green: whistle song through dancing grass,
husky breath humming from sun-dappled oak,
haunting rustle songs of
forest and foam,
lime and leaf.



KALEEN LOVE is a PhD student in the UK studying gender policies in Indonesia, where she spent her childhood and learned to love spicy food. A competitive amateur boxer and Junior Dean of an Oxford College, she enjoys reading novels, drinking espresso, and laughing with close friends.