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A Wedding Toast For Daddy's Little Girl
By Miriam N. Kotzin
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A Wedding Toast for Daddy’s Little Girl
By Miriam N. Kotzin

Alyssa’s practicing, working on phrasing in the first measures of “Moonlight Sonata”, a metronome keeping time for her. She’s never looked prettier. She brings us such joy!

I write, shaping my words with care: “My hope is that my daughter’s dreams will be fulfilled with this man whom she has chosen to be her husband. To him I entrust her.

“I ask you, her bridegroom, to cherish Alyssa with precious care. I have every confidence that you will do so, as I know that she will do all in her power to be a fine wife. She has had as a model her wonderful mother, Sharon, who was like the woman of valor in the Book of Proverbs. Her devotion sustained me through all the years we were granted. God bless her now, and both of you with happiness and long life.”

I fold the paper, seal it in an envelope, and write, “To be read at Alyssa’s Wedding.”

Alyssa stops playing and asks, “What were you writing, Daddy?” She frowns. “What’s wrong? Are you going back to the hospital again?”

The metronome measures my time while I consider how to phrase my answer.



MIRIAM N. KOTZIN teaches creative writing and literature at Drexel University and directs the Certificate Program in Writing and Publishing. She writes both poetry and fiction, and in 2004 her poetry received two nominations for a Pushcart Prize. Her fiction has appeared or is forthcoming in The Pedestal, Skive, ghoti, Defenestration, ELF: Eclectic Literary Forum, SmokeLong Quarterly, Saucy Vox, Littoral, Southern Ocean Review, The Glut, The Beat, Storied World, Toasted Cheese, HiNgE, The Rose & Thorn, The Quarterly Staple, rumble, The Shore, Writers Bar, edifice WRECKED, Dead Mule, Yankee Pot Roast Literary Magazine, Thieves Jargon, 3711 Atlantic, Off Course, Slow Trains, Fiction Warehouse and Carve. Miriam's other works can be found at www.miriamnkotzin.com.